Saturday, February 27, 2010

Morello Ammo boot polish

Morello Ammo boot polish

Morello polish can be easily applied to a range of footwear. Morello is an easy and safe to use quick drying, hard wearing lacquer.
After using the specially formulated Pre-cleaner and remover (available separately),one easy application of Morello using the applicator provided, will leave your
boots or shoes with a hard wearing high gloss shine.
Spending hours bulling your boots for parades, weddings and drill
courses are a thing of the past.
Three years of using and helping customers use this product has helped us to develop a full set of easy to follow instructions and guidelines to achieve perfect results (as seen below) from this award winning product.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Morello polish

Morrelo ammo boot polish it is all singing and dancing.
It is only available on ebay.
See the picture below. These boots took 30 mins to paint.

This guy painted his mess shoes. Look how excited he was!!!!

This guy wished he had used morello. Instead he punishes himself.